About the Demito Group

The Demito Group is an organization with several different projects in various fields, that have in common some shared principles. In a word: it's not about what we do, but why we do it. Our idea was not to create a specific company or business in a specific field, but to follow a philosophy and apply it to anything we do: professionality, innovation, prosocial contributions.


Although this is a pretty general term in business, what we mean is that we focus on the professional services we offer, and on the customer satisfaction. Our focal point is the customer, so we try to aim for what is best for the customer. We don't want to just make you believe something, or give you the illusion of a benefit. We pursue honesty, even when it means letting a potential customer go. No false promises, no half-truths, no myths.


Simply, we strive to find different solutions. We don't think that usual or traditional ways are wrong (at least, not always), but our job is to find different, new ways. This also means we apply our knowledge in different fields to seek the most modern approaches, so to not miss any opportunity for improvement.

Prosocial contributions

We are not just looking for a way to pay our bills. We sincerely are trying to improve the world we live in, not only with the way we perform our activitis, but also with a little but constant prosocial effort. On any order we receive, a small fee (1%, but it may raise up to 10% in some circumstances) is used in a prosocial way: charity, development or research. Thus is already applied to a few products / services, but we work in order to apply this to all we do within 2017