Our activities

Although our main focus and project is AuroraWay, a portal that puts together experts from different fields such as life coaching, personal training, teaching, animal training to help people achieve their goals in everyday life, we also provide services of entirely different kind through are partially independet child activities. We are also ready to a partnership with other companies, projects or association, as long as they share our philosophy. Here you can find a list of the current members of Demito Group.

AuroraWay — Develop yourself, Improve your world

AuroraWay is about personal growth and development, in any field of our everyday life. The difference with other (apparently) similar activities is our Strategical-Critical Approach, a method based on a scientific point of view that allows us to test things through serious research and find the most effective, and realistic, solutions. No myths, no half-truths, no false promises. Our goal is simple: help others to solve their problems or realize their full potential. And, in general, improve the world, by showing the many great changes that can be achieved, if only we are willing to stop for a moment and think wether what we are currently doing is the best solution or not, istead of just blindly keeping doing it. Click here for more informations about our activity, philosophy, or the way we work. We offer instruction and coaching in specific fields (self development, happiness and awereness, health & fitness, weight loss, learning, memory and mental skills, sport performance) as well as general tools and courses to improve ourselves. We offer both individual (coaching/tutoring) and public (online courses).

Art and culture

Aside from self development, learning and growth, we are passionated about spreading ideas, culture, and art. We do this through conferences, public talks and courses (soon online!).
We also manage the artistportal (work in progress, coming online soon), a virtual place where you can share cultural events, courses, competitions, expositions, and so on.


Development of software and technological solutions. Our current projects regard tools for tracking aspects of everyday life in order to provide effective and specific paths to self development, and learning/training tools. If you are interested to join our team please .
(website under construction)

Publishing group

One of the first projects the Demito Group have been dealing with is a collection of publishing houses, each with a different approach and specialization, but all sharing our common Demito philosophy. At this moment our publishing group is available only in Italian.