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What isYourgoal? Let’s reach it together!

  • Life coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Learning and memory improvement
  • Productivity and time management
  • Everyday life
  • Personal growth


Wellbeing & Life Coaching

  • Science-based coaching, resources, classes and tools for physical, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Coping, framing and practical strategies to get rid of problems and negativity in many aspect of everyday life: from weight management to performance enhancment, from emotional wellbeing to physical health, from memory improvement to sport and fitness
  • Using the power of the functional mindset a different approach to problems based on science and critical thinking, Holistic life improvement and self development

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Personal Training & Fitness

  • Individual coaching, workout plans and training resources for all levels and fitness goals, from High Intensity Training to Slow movement
  • Plenty of training ideas to choose from, from traditional gym or bodyweight routine, to more functional and enhanced routines for full development of flexibility, control and practical skills.
  • Group fitness on site and follow along online classes, with many options to choose from, from traditional workout routines (kickboxing and fitness kickboxing, yoga and stretching for fitness, martial arts ), to original workout plans we developed to provide new ways for our clients to enhance their health and fitness (Click here for video trailers of our original workout concepts


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Mental Coaching

  • Memory & learning enhancement, using a modern scientific understand of how our mind and body work to increase our ability to learn in any field and to acquire new skills or knowledge
  • Training in mindfulness and other proven mental skills for performance enhancement, self-development or personal wellbeing
  • Introducing the functional mindset, a method based on science, critical thinkin, and a rational analysis of any given problem, which provide a way to know beforehand what is the most likely way to effectively achieve our goals


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Body-Mind training & Spirituality

  • Body-mind exercises to strengthen your whole being, working out into developing your mental and spiritual level along with your awareness of your physical body
  • Internal energy training: physical exercise to practice effortless action, a positive and non-conflictual mindset for everyday life, non-violent self-defence
  • The sevenfold path: a spiritual path towards happiness for a modern, rational world. It is build around various practices and  body-mind exercises to offer the proven benefits of a spiritual life to those unwilling to blindly accept a belief or any mystical, magical or metaphysical assumption coming with most spiritual or religious traditions.