The (non)sense of hardship

Goals to achieve, problems to solve, desires to make true: all of those just keep coming one after an other during our lives. Some are things we want, other things we need, and many more are simply a social need that is often imposed on us from others expectations. Perseverance is considered an admirable trait, and the will to endure hardship in order to achieve what we want or need is a strength. But even perseverance, without strategy, has its hidden risks. Continue reading “The (non)sense of hardship”

The power of strategy

So, let’s start to see the principles behind what I call the Functional Mindset (or Strategical-Critical Approach), and how and why exactly this new perspective can lead to enormous improvement in virtually any aspect of our life. Let’s start from the first element, the strategical part. “Strategy” is a word we all know and understand, but in vague terms, without actually thinking how to apply it the most different circumstances. The word itself has Greek origin and comes from a military contest. The στρατηγός (strati̱gós) was the military leader and, more specifically, each one of the ten members of the councils of Athens who were leaders of the army and the navy. So, strategy was the process of defining the intermediate and final goals of a mission, war or set of military operations, the outlining of a general plan and the placement of the resources in the way that was most likely to lead to a victory (or anyway the most favourable possible outcome) with the least amount of sacrifice.

But going beyond the military sense, a similar concept is crucial in any human activity: to clearly define what the goal is and make a plan that has a reasonable chance to succeed makes all the difference… whatever we are trying to do.

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