Why strength is so important… even if you don’t care about body building or competitions

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about resistance training, more specifically as a tool to develop strength and build/maintain muscles. This component of fitness is crucial for everyday’s life wellbeing, important for everyone to understand.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions around it, which ultimately results in people avoiding to engage in this beneficial activity. The fear of becoming “too big” (especially for women), the perception it is not necessary or boring, the impression you are doing it although in reality you are not, or that “going to the gym” is the same as training your strength.

In this and a few following articles I’d like to clear out some common misconceptions. Let’s start by discussing why training for strength or muscle mass is not the same thing as “building big muscles”, and to point out a few reasons why everyone should be serious of this component of fitness (even if they couldn’t care less about becoming huge or sport specific performance).

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Why diets fail

Image credit: “Miracle Cure! – Health Fraud Scams” by FDA graphic by Michael J. Ermarth.

An example of how strategy is important that is both very common and very practical: weight loss. In the Western society body weight is a concern to many, with some countries having as much as half or more of the people claiming they wished to lose weight. About one third reports to be seriously trying to lose weight. And yet, most people fail at dieting to such an extent that obesity is only rising all the time at unprecedented speed. Let’s see why. Continue reading “Why diets fail”