Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal, using various tools and strategies.

It is aimed to help individuals to achieve a desired change in their lives, either by helping them to put their situation in an objective perspective, assisting their thinking, providing support, or suggesting tools and strategies.

Our approach is based on a scientific understanding of humanity, and a path toward understanding ourselves. That’s because very often we are unable to achieve a desired change due to a distorted or incomplete understanding of human psychology or physiology, and the unability to recognize and objectively accept our natural limits. But only after we are ready to do that we can start to think about effective ways to go beyond them.

In fact, you could say all of our work is focused on teaching, through coaching or classes, the use of what we call the Functional Mindset, either in general or applied to a specific field. This is a mindset based on a strategic approach combined with critical thinking, which makes sure our action plan relies on the best available methods and in line with currently available scientific knowledge. For more informations, see the page What is the Functional Mindset?

Coaching can be applied to many different fields. It is safe to assume that, for nearly any common goal, there are science based tips, methods and strategies which we generally ignore, and that can hugely increase the likelihood we will reach them safely and effectively.

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Coaching can be requested by individuals or groups. We can also arrange classes on these topics at different locations, and we are preparing several online courses.
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