Mental Coaching

  • Memory & learning enhancement, using a modern scientific understand of how our mind and body work to increase our ability to learn in any field and to acquire new skills or knowledge
  • Training in mindfulness and other proven mental skills for performance enhancement, self-development or personal wellbeing
  • Introducing the functional mindset, a method based on science, critical thinkin, and a rational analysis of any given problem, which provide a way to know beforehand what is the most likely way to effectively achieve our goals


Since young age we have been told that learning will be a necessary and important component of our life. Our achievement at school may play a large role in how our future will turn out, but at every life stage learning can be crucial, be it for career advancement or simple personal pleasure. Unfortunately, nobody told to most of us what to do in order to ensure effective learning occurs. How can we learn quickly and retain the informations in the long term? Whatever we wish to learn – be it a studying a foreign language or preparing an exam – it will be valuable to understand how to actually learn effectively first.

Since traditional learning styles proved to be less than satisfying, we rely scientific research to find more effective alternatives, and provide many great ways to boost learning. We help other people integrating their learning methdos with those more effective strategies and techniques.

Our work in this field, just as in any other, follow the Functiona Mindset: a science and evidence based approach, which pursues a clear distinction between proven facts and popular beliefs, pseudoscience, myths, urban legends, hype and marketing lies. we do my best to stay up to date with current scientific research and only offer advices that really make sense and work based on this perspective, not personal opinions or beliefs.

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