Personal Training & Fitness

  • Individual coaching, workout plans and training resources for all levels and fitness goals, from High Intensity Training to Slow movement
  • Plenty of training ideas to choose from, from traditional gym or bodyweight routine, to more functional and enhanced routines for full development of flexibility, control and practical skills.
  • Group fitness on site and follow along online classes, with many options to choose from, from traditional workout routines (kickboxing and fitness kickboxing, yoga and stretching for fitness, martial arts ), to original workout plans we developed to provide new ways for our clients to enhance their health and fitness (Click here for video trailers of our original workout concepts


Our work in this field, just as in any other, follow the Strategical-Critical Approach. That means it is science and evidence based, and pursues a clear distinction between proven facts and popular beliefs, pseudoscience, myths, urban legends, hype and marketing lies. We do our best to stay up to date with current scientific research and only offer advices that really make sense and work based on this perspective, not personal opinions or beliefs.

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