Wellbeing & Life Coaching

  • Science-based coaching, resources, classes and tools for physical, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Coping, framing and practical strategies to get rid of problems and negativity in many aspect of everyday life: from weight management to performance enhancment, from emotional wellbeing to physical health, from memory improvement to sport and fitness
  • Using the power of the functional mindset a different approach to problems based on science and critical thinking, Holistic life improvement and self development

Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal, using various tools and strategies.

Our actual approach, however, might not have so much in common with others, as it is based on science rather than tradition and beliefs. Also, we don’t usually focus so much into leading my customers career advancement or “success”:  rather, we are generally more interested into helping them to improve various aspect of everyday life, promoting a life-style that leads to enhanced happiness, health, richness, understanding of the self, self satisfaction, as long as solving problems and issues they may face in their everyday life.

That’s why a self discovery path that aims to provide a better understanding of human mind and body — and therefore to a deeper and more humble connection with the real self — is generally a central component of our coaching.

Our work in this field, just as in any other, follow the Functional Mindset. That means it is science and evidence based, and pursues a clear distinction between proven facts and popular beliefs, pseudoscience, myths, urban legends, hype and marketing lies. We do our best to stay up to date with current scientific research and only offer advices that really make sense and work based on this perspective, not personal opinions or beliefs.

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