What is the Functional Mindset?

From health to happiness, from productivity to time management, from fitness to learning a new language, from weight loss to having meaningful and fulfilling relationships: we all have goals, hopes, things we deeply care about in our lives.

But how much do we actually know about what is the best way to achieve them? Clearly, some methods and strategies work better than others. Choosing wisely will mean the difference between a spectacular success and a crashed hope. Some day we will find out, and hopefully will be happy of the outcome of our choices.

But what if there could be something better than just hope? A way to determine beforehand the most effective path to achieve a given goal? Even better, what if this way worked not by giving us specific guidance on each separate goal, but by providing an overall improvement in situational awareness and decision making that could be applied in general, regardless of the specific goal we are trying to achieve?

All our projects is based on the idea that:

a) our natural mindset (based on personal experience, intuition, “common sense”) is affected by several deep flaws, which can lead us to prefer methods and strategies that are not very effective in reaching our goals

b) such flaws are demonstrated to occur regularly and to lead to poor decisions regardless of the specific context, and lare argely independent of the individual’s intelligence, education or skills

c) alternatives which yield demonstrably better outcomes are readily available for most of the usual goals or wishes people tend to look forward in their lives, either actively (such as “I wish to lose weight” or “I want to learn Spanish” ) or implicitely (i.e. we may not say explicitely something like “it is my goal to not die of cancer”, or “I wish not to divorce soon from the partner I married”, yet these are things we usually tend to care about although we may not define them as “goals to pursue”)

d) finally, that there is a very high cost in choosing a natural mindset (doing things the way we are used to), rather than the Functional Mindset (learning how to approach goals and problems from this different perspective, and plan accordingly)


All our work is based on the idea that there is such a way, and what we call it the Functional Mindset. This is a mindset that is based on two central concepts: a strategical approach combined with critical thinking.

In short, using the Functional Mindset to achieve a goal or to solve or prevent some problem, means simply to make an action plan that is in line with the currently available scientific knowledge about that field, and regarding the most safe or effective methods and strategies. This is opposed to the natural mindset, which is what we would normally do when we act without proper planning, or by making a plan which is inconsistent with currently available scientific knowledge (as would be the case if the plan is based, for example, on “gut instict”, personal beliefs or “facts” you read from some magazine, but which have been proved to be ineffective or dangerous).

Ultimately, you could say all of our work basically revolve around  teaching our customers (through coaching or courses) how to apply the Functional Mindset to their everyday life, in order to make it better.